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Designed with careful attention to protecting your privacy and communication, ShieldPhone has been created for privacy-conscious users who value communication security. It includes innovative features that enhance user privacy. Furthermore, ShieldPhone offers a one-time purchase model, without any subscriptions or hidden costs, allowing users to enjoy complete protection without the need for regular payments.

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GrapheneOS: Ultra-secure, encrypted, and tamper-proof system for professionals prioritizing digital security.

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Self-Destruct layers

Set an apprioprate PIN or Password after which all phone data will be instantly deleted and irrecoverable.

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Guaranteed Privacy

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Secure Connection

ShieldPhone employs a global network of secure servers for enhanced privacy. We use a highly secure VPN to prioritize your privacy.

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ShieldPhone takes full control, fortifying the core to fend off attacks, leaving Forensics and Pegasus powerless.


Fully encrypted messengers

We use industry-leading messengers that guarantee encrypted and secure communication.

No Third-party application

Enjoy freedom from all voice assistants and unnecessary apps from companies like Google or Apple.

App privacy access control

Every app installed on the phone is rigorously monitored.


Automatic destruction after a set phone inactivity

Don't worry that someone will have access to your phone data without your consent.

Fire USB

Any suspicious USB connection on a locked screen will trigger an immediate alarm and, in case of a threat, initiate the phone's self-destruct sequence.

Additional self-destruct layers

Set an appropriate PIN or Password after which all phone data will be instantly deleted and irrecoverable.


No backdoors

ShieldPhone does not create any backdoors for authorities. The phone belongs only to the user, and only they can access the phone.

User-controled private keys

Private keys are generated and stored only on your device. Access to data is possible only through your device.

Eliminated all potential vulverabilities

Access to ADB and USB Signaling exploits, such as Pegasus or forensic tools like UFED analyzers, do not work.

Why Us?

    Lack of products and services from major corporations.

    Open-source software regularly verified by independent institutions.

    Kill Switch VPN.

    Protection against 0-day vulnerabilities.

    Implementation of self-destructive features.

    24/7 system integrity monitoring.

    Easy phone component management.

    No connections to unknown servers.

    Protection against data extractors and forensics.

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All our phones come pre-installed with GrapheneOS. Our user-friendly Privacy Plus package includes the latest security and privacy applications to ease your transition.


Our system is based on the renowned Open Source software, GrapheneOS. After each installation, we meticulously verify the integrity of system files using Hash codes to ensure that no damage occurred during the installation process. This guarantees that the system we use is secure from the ground up.

Furthermore, our system offers advanced permission management, meaning that any attempt to install a monitoring application will result in an immediate notification for you. The security of your phone is our priority.

Encrypted messenger accounts are created and used exclusively on your phone, eliminating the risk of external access. Additionally, after the client is sent, our phones are in no way connected to us, meaning there is no possibility of tracking. You can further verify this fact by testing DNS queries in various ways.

ShieldPhone is a guarantee that your phone is completely free from backdoors or hidden accesses. With our advanced features and regular checks, you can be confident that your data is secure.

As the current state of privacy intersects with technology, politics and surveillance, our services are essential to industries, companies and individuals who need to protect their communications.

Pixel smartphones stand out from the rest with their inclusion of a Titan M2 secure element, facilitating Verified Boot. They enjoy default support from Android, ensuring swift distribution of security updates. Pixel smartphones also offer the flexibility of installing custom software like GrapheneOS, making them an excellent choice for those seeking Google-free smartphone options.

We ship phones to all European countries. The delivery time depends on the location, typically ranging from 1 to 7 business days.